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Improv Comedy Performance at Pint House Lounge
+ 6:10 PM start time (Arrive late, you'll be docked points)
  • Games
    • Audience participation welcomed and needed
    • The Points Matter! (more on this at the event)
  • Food and drinks available for purchase
  • Exclusive Bartender(s) for our group.
  • Meet in The Pint House "Lounge" (Doors open at 5:45 PM)
  • Let us know if you are attending by listing yourself as "Going" on our Facebook Event
This will not be a kid-friendly performance. If you're sensitive to semi-strong language, or somewhat crude humor you might consider staying home. Offensive is not the name of the game, at the same time we like to have fun.
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NexGen's Fundraising Goal for Drive for School Supplies

We're so close to our goal! $2000 + Yuma International Airport's generous $200 gift puts us at $2200. Let's continue the support of Yuma County's student youth and set them up for a successful 2017-2018 school year!

$13 = one child's fully supplied backpack

Click the link to and donate now to YRMC's Drive For School Supplies:

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Yuma Sun Article - "Drive for School Supplies Kicks Off at Lutes"

"In 1999, several Yuma Regional Medical Center employees decided to do an in-house drive for school supplies. That fall, workers donated 200 backpacks to local schools. Jump ahead 17 years, and the now-community wide drive has supplied almost 48,000 backpacks to local schools, with 6,108 being donated last year." - Amy Crawford, Yuma Sun, Education Reporter, (source: Drive for School Supplies Kicks off at Lutes, June 21st, 2017)

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50/50 NexGen Yuma Tournament Bracket Challenge
Click here to fill out your official CBS Sports bracket. Group Name: NexGen Yuma Tournament Bracket Challenge
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Yuma Sun Article: NexGen in the News - Lutes Takeover: Drive for School Supplies

"With over 150 people having attended the first takeover at Lutes Casino, the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center and NexGen is gearing up for their next takeover to benefit the 17th Annual Drive for School Supplies."

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