About NexGen Yuma

NexGen Mission

Provide great social, professional, and community-involvement activities in Yuma, building lasting connections within Yuma's young professional community and beyond. NexGen will guide the growth and evolution of our community, educating our members about the wealth of opportunities in Yuma. This information will be focused culturally, professionally, academically, and highlight ways to give back. NexGen connects people to the right resources in Yuma to help them be as successful as possible in all aspects of their life.

What is NexGen?

The Next Generation Leadership Council is a peer networking organization that connects ambitious individuals to Yuma's unique cultural, recreational, social, volunteer and professional development opportunities. Our mission is to inform, connect, involve and engage our members in the growth and success of the Yuma region.

Who is NexGen?

NexGen is comprised of and directed by young professionals who want to get involved and make a difference in their companies and our community. NexGen members work together to connect each other to diverse opportunities for networking, professional development, and community involvement. NexGen includes young professionals from a diverse range of business sectors including medical, legal, military, design, education, and business owners.

Why join NexGen?

NexGen will be instrumental in building a dynamic professional community in Yuma. NexGen will help Yuma retain and attract people to our community through an exciting social and recreational environment, a robust economic and employment network, and a renewed sense of pride and interest in the future of Yuma. Together with our members and sponsors, we will be agents of positive change in the community, guiding our community forward as it continues to evolve. We're working together to make Yuma as strong a place to live, work, and play as possible for Yuma's Young Professionals.

Won't you join us?