Board & Committees

NexGen Executive Board

Matt Molenar, MGM Design
John Hessinger, Better Business Bureau
Ashlie Pendleton, AEA Federal Credit Union
Chris Wheeler, Prison Hill Brewing
Amber Shek, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp
Sara Bowerman, Gowan Company
Buna George, Greater Yuma Port Authority
Nikki Hage, Arizona Western College
Anthony Dickerson, Gowan Company

Social & Marketing Committee

The Social Committee will continually strive to instill energy, fun, and enthusiasm into the Young Professionals Network. The group will seek to create activities where young professionals can socialize, while expanding and diversifying their network. The Social Committee welcomes professionals new to the area by providing them the opportunity to immerse themselves into our community through the NexGen Leadership Council. Whether it's a picnic in the park, an evening at a Scorpion's game, a wine tasting event, or a Riverboat cruise, the Social Committee is ready to show young area professionals a great time! The group will work to develop fun and engaging social events in a variety of venues with member interaction and networking always at the core goal of the group.

Mission: To create environments where young professionals can socialize, while expanding and diversifying their network.


Deliver monthly social events to the network
Introduce members to new local activities
Recruit new members to the network

The Marketing Committee is here to promote the NexGen Council throughout the Yuma region and keep members abreast of activities and meetings. This committee manages the communications, marketing, press relations, website, and our most important asset – people. Members will develop various marketing tools and external communications i.e. print ads, newsletters, event calendars, and promotional materials. Additional goals of the committee include extending the reach of the organization and increasing brand awareness. The marketing committee will also work closely with all other committees, ensuring that benefits of the NexGen Council are brought to the public eye, as well as, potential members.

Mission: To provide the branding and execution of communications for the network to achieve its goals.


Develop and maintain systems for marketing, press relations, communications, and membership management
Recruit new partners through media relations
Keep members aware of upcoming festivities, events and meetings
Brand NexGen as a medium for information and news that relates to young professionals in Yuma

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee is a voluntary team of dynamic, knowledgeable and committed young professionals who are devoted to serving the Yuma community. It will consists of members who come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, but all having a common mission - to make a difference in the community and in individual's lives. The committee will foster the notion of giving back to the communities in the Yuma region. The Community Service Committee will partner with organizations that currently provide for the needs of our community or may select to develop new service projects. From those partnerships we will deliver service opportunities to the NexGen network. We will assist service or nonprofit organizations that are looking for partners to help run an event, assist in fund-raising, provide people power, mentor local students or simply looking for input on their efforts in the community and how that relates to young professional.

Mission: To make a difference in the community and in individual lives.


Adopt organizations each year and focus time and resources toward those entities.
Develop working partnerships with local service and non-profit organizations.
Promote individual volunteer opportunities for these organizations to NexGen members.
Instill a sense of community pride within members through philanthropic participation.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is here to promote every member's professional success. The team seeks to connect young professionals with opportunities to further enhance their learning, leadership skills, career development, and personal growth. As young professionals we are energized by the fact that we have not yet become complacent and are continually striving to seek new knowledge, new challenges, and new opportunities. Whether it is a seminar on new-home buyers, an educational presentation on 401 K investment, or a public speaking session, the Professional Development Committee is here to connect members to the opportunities that matter most to them. The Professional Development Committee will actively pursue partnerships to deliver professional development opportunities to the network. Exposure to topics and issues that affect young professionals are broad and the committee will work diligently to address those every month for the benefit of the NexGen members. Mission: To create professional growth opportunities for young professionals that contribute to their career success.


Connect members to professional development opportunities
Create business networking opportunities
Expose members to a broad range of professional issues
Provide a resource for members to learn new ideas and practices that may help in their career and personal development

Arts Committee

Foot Golf Committee