Corporate Sponsorship

Benefits of Sponsorship:

The NexGen Leadership Council directly benefits businesses and organizations in the Greater Yuma Region through the establishment of a network that assists in the attraction and retention of young professional employees. Businesses in the region recognize that an active, energetic community with peer connections is a more exciting and fun place to live and work for young professionals. NexGen fosters the development of this community.

With your sponsorship, NexGen will work to accomplish the following:

Short Term Goals:

  • To create a professional and social network for the next generation of leaders in Greater Yuma, Arizona.
  • To create "action-oriented" committees in the following areas: marketing, professional development, social events, community service, community issues and student body.
  • To establish an awareness of our presence within the community
  • To create a strong and expansive young professional communication network
  • To host monthly social mixers where professionals can interact and meet
  • To partner with a philanthropic service agency to perform community service
  • To expand the full NexGen membership to 100 active members by March 2009.

Long Term Goals:

  • To provide professional development training/seminars for next generation of leaders.
  • To increase NexGen membership access to prominent leaders in the Greater Yuma area.
  • To increase interface between university students and their NexGen peers.
  • To create an advisory board that keeps NexGen participants involved beyond age 39
  • To create linkages with other young professional networks state wide for shared practices and larger networks
  • To actively collaborate with the recruiting efforts of Greater Yuma Organizations to attract young professionals to the region
  • To increase the amount of community service currently being performed by individuals in the community.

Sponsorship Forms:

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship Agreement

To learn more about how your company can benefit from this exciting and innovative program, Contact Matt Molenar at 928-782-5915.