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NexGen Mural Contest STARTS NOW - $500+!

Take advantage of this gorgeous weekend weather and ....
Get your camera, phone, and selfie sticks ready for the first ever NexGen Yuma Mural Scavenger Hunt!!!
How it works:
  1. Check out the list below of NexGen PUBLIC ART MURALS located around Yuma County
  2. Take a selfie or photo in front of the mural - the more creative the better!
  3. Upload to Facebook or Instagram
  4. Add Hashtag: #NexGenMural
That's it!
Each photo gets you entered for a weekly prize.
But if you tag ALL NINE MURALS by April's Third Thursday you will have a chance to win a GRAND PRIZE of $500 Value.
Here are the 9 Locations:

  1. Mural, “Greetings from Yuma,” Lupoli, 274 S Main St. on utility box
  2. Mural, “La Piñata,” Alonso Delgadillo, MGM Design, 29 W 3rd Street, East wall
  3. Mural, "Surf Girl" Lia Littlewood, MGM Design, 29 W 3rd St, West wall
  4. Mural, “Contemplar,” Alonso Delgadillo, Yuma School of Beauty, 50 W 3rd St
  5. Mural, “Desert Flower”, Adry del Rocio, Del Sol Market, 280 S 4th Ave St
  6. Mural, "What Can Be" Alice Byrne Elementary School
  7. Mural, "Freedom" Lia Littlewood, FTS Automotive Center, 1701 S Arizona Ave
  8. Mural, "Thanks for Flying Yuma”, Lia and Stefanie Littlewood, Yuma International Airport Exit Wall, 2191 E 32nd St
  9. Mural, "Celebrating 100 Years", Dave Cullison, Lia Littlewood & Students, 4th Ave Junior High, 450 S 4th Ave

It's as easy as that!

So come on, get out, enjoy our beautiful weather and share your photos! #NexGenMural