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TOMORROW: April Third Thursday: All About Affordable Housing

NexGen Yuma, The Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma, Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy, Yuma Sun and Arizona Republic invite you to ...

Maxed Out: The Story of Affordable Housing in Yuma.
A FREE event, RSVP your seat today.

The entertaining and educational evening will feature live storytelling from people who live and work in Yuma, celebrate the area’s rich and colorful history, discuss past and present housing challenges, and look ahead to transformative solutions for housing challenges. At a reception following the event, attendees will hear from Yuma-area nonprofits that help those who are housing-challenged in the area.

NexGen is responsible for recording thoughts, feedback, concerns or solutions you may have about Affodable Housing and the presentation we have organized for this months Third Thursday.
Your Voice Will Be Heard & Recorded By Event Organizers!

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The event is FREE but you MUST RSVP: